What Does A Dental Assistant Do?

What actually we mean by assistant? Assistant is basically any sort of status whose job is to help and maintain records and always reports to his head. Same is the case with the dental assistant. If you want to know what does a dental assistant do then the answer is that a dental assistant has to be aware of all the patients’ conditions and should assist dentist during the dentistry.

The dental assistant is a helpful person in the dentist office. He is the main source for helping patients plus the dentists. Basically, the job of the assistant seems to be small but it’s the responsibility of the assistant to manage all the activities and the time schedules for the dentist. What does a dental assistant do other than this? Well, a dental assistant can be viewed as an extra set of hands for the dentists who allow the dentist to put some pressure on the assistant and he remains free for a lot of time.

The basic thing that the dental assistant should know is that, he must be having such knowledge about the instruments that are used while dental surgeory, he should swiftly transfer required instruments from the tray to the dentist. He should be aware of all his responsibilities and should know his basic responsibility like when and what time the appointment should be given to which patient. He should be clearly aware with the progress regarding the health of the patients.

Dental assistants also perform a variety of duties regarding the patient care, office and laboratory duties. If you know what does a dental assistant do then you must also know that most of the time they are standing with the dentists and carefully watch what they do and how they treat the patients and mostly they are also asked by the dentist to do some work like filling, remove excess cement used in the filling process.


Dental assistant work in a well-lighted and clean environment. They usually wear masks, gloves, eye-wear and protective clothing in order to protect themselves and their patients from serious diseases.

Many assistants learn their skills on the job, they actively participate in their job and learn a lot and polish themselves. The basic requirement in this job is that how much responsible you are towards your job.

The profession of dental assistant is gaining more and more importance as lot of people care much about their health, so the employment in this sector is expected to grow in the later years.

Dental assistant duties can vary from office to office, either they can work directly with dentist, working with patients like get patients comfortable, hand instruments to the dentists, take and process X-rays.

So, this depends on how much  responsible and ambitious a dentist assistant is and that how he himself should be active in his work and keep the dentist up-to-date regarding the day to day activities. Assistant job is not only looking after the patients but also take a great look at how dentist are doing their work and assisting them whenever they need their help. Knowing all about what does a dental assistant do is one best way through which they would be benefited in the future when they want to open their own clinics.

Posted by : Kirana

Posted on : Sunday, July 31st, 2011 at 11:50 am

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