Being A Registered Dental Assistant

Registered dental assistant is a licensed educational credential. It is abbreviated as RDA. To become RDA, you need to take graduation from accredited dental assisting program. In order to be RDA, you must qualify ADA written and practical exam regarding dental study. RDA is a dental assistant who has qualified the registration process in state level. If they register successfully, they are granted with RDA certification.

RDA Examination:

RDA exam contains two sections to solve. One is written exam and the other is clinical exam. Clinical section held under the supervision of dental board. RDA allows you to work on expended functions which simple dental assistant cannot perform. RDA examination is necessary to qualify in order to be RDA. Time duration to complete clinical paper is 2 hours. Written examination also has 3 hours to complete. RDA exams consist of general chair side assisting, health and safety and infection control.

It is compulsory to renew RDA certification before exceeding the expiry date of registered dental assistant certification that is written on certificate. After getting certification, you must renew it after specific interval.

Advantages of being a Registered Dental Assistant:

Registered dental assistant opens his luck by having various job opportunities. They are highly demanded in dental profession. They can take positions in hospitals, clinics, government dental institutes, laboratories, assistant of dentist and many other dental places. They are greatly preferred in these places. If you have more knowledge and experience in field, you will definitely get more opportunities.

RDA certification provides you with more knowledge in dental field to make you stand at competitive position. If you are just dental assistant, you cannot go as high as a registered dental assistant can go because of more experience and professional knowledge. Moreover, RDAs have more chances of getting promotion. RDA is actually the key of success in dental field. RDA is provided with higher salary. If you have certification, you can hold office management and administration positions in dental clinics as well.

How to become registered dental assistant?

  • You must complete your dental educational program.
  • Be careful while making selection of training program and make sure the program is authenticated.
  • Different states have different criteria regarding registration. In many states, CDA exam by dental assisting national board is enough to enter in RDA while other states require their own test.

RDA programs:

There are many registered dental assistant programs who give you training to enhance your knowledge in dental area. Always check the programs which school is offering before taking admission. Community colleges, trade schools and technical institutes offer you RDA programs. These institute provide you with proper classes and preclinical. To build your practically, institutes provides you with laboratory environment.

Duties of RDA:

  • Registered dental assistant is responsible to remove the extra cement from teeth of patient by using instruments with hands.
  • They adjust one or several of artificial teeth in mouth.
  • They prepare teeth to restore damaged surface of tooth by coating it with coated material.
  • They maintain and handle dental equipments.

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Posted on : Sunday, August 28th, 2011 at 7:08 am

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